Nike “Green Tiger Camo” Roshe Run

by on June 6, 2013

We ALL love the Nike Roshe Runs (I fell in love with mine as of late), and it’s no shock to anyone that the camo-look is back this year. Combining two fads, animal prints and camouflage, the new Green Tiger Camo Roshe Run is set to be a hit.The tremendous amount of comfort these shoes have brought me through my ACL surgery recovery has been a Godsend. While being extremely versatile and sharp looking, they are also by far the most comfortable athletic shoe I’ve worn in a long time. The technology of the Roshe Run takes the unwanted weight out of your heels, knees, hips, and back to encourage lighter walking and forgiving feet at the end of everyday. Nike already released the black version of this graphic, but green is a perfect alternative for the summer. This incredible shoe is one that everyone should own, not only because they are perfect for any and every activity, but also because they work to your advantage in the humid city streets with their updated and extremely breathable material. While Nike is constantly releasing new graphic updates to the Roshe Run, the Green Tiger Camo is sure to be one of the best yet.

Photo: Hypebeast