SuitSupply: Dapper Outfitters Extraodinaire

by on June 8, 2013

Lord Disick is trying to get his hands on SuitSupply’s 2013 Collection.

Menswear brand SuitSupply has a strong presence in the year 2013, especially amongst those with a lavish sense of style. SuitSupply knows how to appeal to a preppy community with some edge to it. From suits to bags to accessories, SuitSupply has it all. By putting a modernistic touch on some of the most classic items of all time, SuitSupply makes a statement that you can look as good as your grandpa did back in the day.


While using timeless pieces, SuitSupply also combines modern-day trends. Their Camo Cargo trousers are a blend of the classic chino cut with the inescapable Camo-Cargo trend that would make any dad or hypebeast jealous. SuitSupply, with the help of Antonio Maurizi, has also released a contemporary version of the tasseled loafer by combining aesthetics from the heavily trending boating shoe. Also, if you’re in the market for a suit, SuitSupply has you covered from head to toe with the most bang for your buck, according to GQ.


You can check out the collection at SuitSupply‘s online shop.