A Bathing Ape’s Limited T-Shirts For NW20 BAPE Gallery in Kyoto

by on June 9, 2013

It seems like BAPE will be having another event to celebrate and bask in the 20 year history of their prominence. This time around they will be holding the NW20 Bape Gallery in Kyoto that will span from June 8th to June 16. It will play host to the works of 20 artists who will offer up their very own creative renditions of Bape’s signature head logo.

In addition to this, Bape shall spoil us with some t-shirts that will come in black and white. The Bape head logo and an incorporation of the 20th anniversary will be the main points of the t-shirts. All shirts will be sold at the gallery in Kyoto so if you need them, make sure to take the first jet out!


Photos: HB