Diego BK 1986 Finally Releases First Collection

by on June 10, 2013

Titled as the “Out Here” Collection, Diego Murillo has finally released his first collection under his label 1986. Releasing for on 86 hours, the collection features a white t-shirt and a white tank top adorned with the same medieval/Greek-inspired graphics, with Corinthian leaves, designed my Diego himself. Hit the jump for more!

Diego’s reputation in urban fashion is unprecedented, monopolizing the snapback industry with 40 Oz Van. He represents the Chinese horoscope of the tiger, born in 1986, and unleashed a ferocious street-heavy marketing campaign that included wheat-paste! I’ve known Diego for almost a year now and this collection was highly anticipated, setting him on the right foot of displaying his creative aptitude.

The collection will only be released for 86 hours, a true signature of Diego. To purchase the T-Shirt go HERE.

1986  Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 7.25.54 PM

The visuals accompanied by the collection have a voyeuristic aesthetic, shot by the talented Will Azcona. Check it out below!

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Ramya @tisramya