Thom Browne Licensed with Dita, New TB-200 Sunglasses

by on June 10, 2013

A brilliant collaboration has resurfaced once again between Thom Browne and Dita to create their latest TB-200 Sunglasses.

This round and mere Amelia Earhart-inspired pair is particularly designed with large lenses and leather adornments. Although there are several comparisons one could make to this style, the beauty of such a pair of sunglasses is that it is classic to several genres and one that is timeless to sunglass couture.

The thin wire frames and silver embellishments makes for a punk fad, while the oversized lens will make any attire look chic. This model is available in three shades including ‘Shiny Silver‘, ‘12k Gold‘, and ‘Black Iron‘, allowing for flexibility depending on your personal style and hue preference.

These unforgettable shades will be released online and in stores soon for a small amount of approximately $715 USD.


Photos: Hypebeast