Tantum’s Summer 2013 Bucket Hat Releases

by on June 11, 2013

The Summertime is the season of tans but for the folks who don’t want to get any shades darker, there’s a solution. The solution is bucket-hats. Although headwear as a whole can protect you from the Sun, bucket-hats add a different dimensional as well as being one of the hottest-no pun intended–trends at the moment. With that said, Tantum follows up their prolific 2012 bucket-hat releases with two new gems for 2013.


With one bucket-hat being covered in the American Flag, it makes it easy for you to be patriotic this Summer. While on the other hand, the second bucket is gifted with the same patriotic motif but instead it is dominated by bears as well. Both bucket-hats are reversible so it provides much versatility for the wearers. They can be purchased now at Hypebeast‘s online store.