The Affair Featuring Jo Pita

by on June 11, 2013

It’s been a while since we have given you guys an Affair and although we apologize for this inconvenience, TheILSMag as a whole sees it fit that we only present content of premium quality to our viewers. With that being said, we have been more selective with our guests as we understand that the people we choose must uphold the standards of the website. Furthermore, today we present to you Jo Pita, one of Miami‘s more promising males in the fashion spectrum. Click the jump to read his description and to view the video interview.


For most in sync with Instagram and Tumblr, Jo Pita is a familiar face. From modeling to his note-worthing photographs with the rest of his Miami clique, it’s clear that Jo Pita has struck a gold mine in today’s social media platforms. Much of this can be attributed to his attire which can be anything from A Bathing Ape to Rick Owens at times–showing his versatility–but Jo Pita is more than this. Gifted with an appealing aesthetic, most essentially, Jo is a lover of fashion but also a student–as many people his age. At the same time he possesses a creative mind that is patiently waiting to break out sooner or later. When he’s not seen in Miami shopping at The Webster or parlaying at APT 606, Jo is normally taking trips to Atlanta or flying out to New York. Enjoy the video below!