Butch Diva’s 2013 Summer Lookbook

by on June 12, 2013

The in-your-face designs of Butch Diva just released their Summer Lookbook online that arguably mixes ’80s vibes with ’90s decor. The spandex-centered brand’s bright colors and bold patterns of this season are sure to catch your eye.

The company explicitly defines their name as meaning (among many other definitions) “Commander of attention”, and Butch Diva does just that. Their Brooklyn roots are indefinitely visible through their vibrant assortment.

Butch Diva‘s Summer 2013 Collection instantly puts Olivia Newton John‘s “Let’s Get Physical” into your head. Don’t let all the spandex fool you- this collection is as futuristic and diverse as it is a homage to the past. Heavily featured in the collection is all-over-print patterns that utilize camo and floral, as well as a digital-age Versace-inspired collage and a lovely Picasso-esque pattern found on Butch Diva’s Masterpiece Dress and Jumpsuit. Each piece will be sure to unleash your inner boss lady.


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Photos: Butch Diva