Daily Paper Teams Up With Filling Pieces – “Batik” Pack

by on June 12, 2013

Amsterdam-native companies Daily Paper and Filling Pieces came together to create a unique collection named “Batik” Pack, incorporating traditional Indonesian fabrics with modern styles.


The silhouettes of the duo pieced collection are very streetwear-esque including two bomber jackets and two pairs of low-topsneakers. The jacket is lined with the beautiful Batik fabric of which has a noticeable and colorful pattern. The sneaker is a wedged rubber sole with an outlined leather sneaker and decorated with the Batik.

The two designers’ vision was to refurbish the old, traditional fabric into wearable contemporary articles, and from the photos we’ve seen, they’ve done that perfectly. Their masterpieces will be on the Filling Pieces website upon their debut, but stay updated if you want one, as there will only be 80 replicas made of each style! You can check out more photos from the Daily Paper x Filling Pieces “Batik” Pack on Hypebeast.


Photos: Hypebeast