RICHARDS NYC Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

by on June 12, 2013

RICHARDS NYC is debuting its line with a series of nature-oriented pieces this year with a spring/summer collection. The designer behind it all is a young woman who goes by the name of, Sarah Leslie Richards of which the name descends from.



The shirts are digitally printed with an array of natural greens onto classic silk silhouettes, setting it apart from all other designers. The prints are beautiful and give the customer not only an appreciation for a beautiful garment, but also for nature itself, and with the organic happiness exuded from the models, it’s hard not to feel wholesome from just window shopping the collection.

10-SS13-LOOKBOOKWhile the graphics of RICHARDS NYC‘s shirts remind us city folk of a land far, far away, Sarah Leslie Richards is a Brooklyn-based designer who manufactures and produces all of the product in NYC. And, although you may camouflage in more natural environments, in the city you’ll be the visual satisfaction of the millions of busybodies surrounding you. But no matter your location, these shirts will be appreciated anywhere, so don’t forget to glance the collections in full here.