Raf Simons x Eastpak – Satin Backpack Collection

by on June 15, 2013

Raf Simons teamed up with Eastpak for the back-to-school season to create a selection of satin, limited edition backpacks. The collaboration is young and iconic, ensuring bags people of all ages will love.

The classic productions of Eastpak collaborate to make a wearable bag whether it’s used for school or work, traveling or commuting. At the same time, Raf Simons‘ separates these bags from every other Eastpak backpack ever made with his distinguishable touch. The 2013 collection will debut itself with 4 different color patterns: solid navy, brown/black striped, black/white striped, and magenta. The “Silky Jacquard” material adds a more luxury twist to the traditional silhouette, and makes the bag more flexibly unisex.

The limited edition collection is said to be out by the end of this month, so keep checking online and browse Eastpak‘s other goodies in the meantime!

raf-simons-eastpak-fw13-collection-1-630x420 raf-simons-eastpak-fw13-collection-2-630x420 raf-simons-eastpak-fw13-collection-4-630x420

Photos: Highsnobiety