Arturo Vega, ‘The Fifth Ramone’, Dies At 65

by on June 16, 2013

Arturo Vega, the designer and spokesman for the Ramones, passed away a week ago today in New York City. He was 65 years old. Vega was known best for designing the Ramones’ presidential seal, but he also worked as the band’s publicist and a supportive figure during the band’s earlier days. Without Vega, the Ramones would not have made such a significant impact on music and pop culture.


Also known as the fifth Ramone, ‘Arty Ramone’ has left a lasting legacy. The Ramones seal designed by Vega has become an instantly recognizable image for the entity of the band. Vega greatly influenced punk‘s marketability while never ceasing to keep it real. May he rest in peace.

Photos: ArturoVega.com, FringeUnderground

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