Givenchy Trimmed Leather Airplane Backpack

by on June 16, 2013

Tisci‘s latest accessory update with Givenchy aired a beautifully graphic designed backpack revolving around an aviation theme. The dark tones, asymmetrical detail, and encrusted labeling make for not only a luxury look, but also an extremely practical carrier.

The bag may look like it came right out of Star Wars, but with the fine craftsmanship, it is sure to last ages. The sides are decorated with pilot-grunge signatures and the bottom is surfaced with black leather. The metal-plated nose in the center monograms Ricardo Tisci and the acclaimed brand Givenchy.

Appraised at $1,135USD, we can be sure that not too many people will be rocking this high-end backpack, but suiting some of our favorite entertainers’ styles perfectly, it’s probable that Kanye West will be seen wearing the Trimmed Leather Airplane Backpack on his many global ventures.

This exclusive backpack won’t be around too long, so check it out at Mr. Porter soon!


Photos: Mr. Porter