AnmlHse Warhol-Inspired T-Shirt

by on June 17, 2013

The brand, AnmlHse (pronounced “Animal House”) released their Andy Warhol inspired graphic t-shirt recently, and as soon as it hit the site, it was sold out.

Created by a group of college students, AnmlHouse‘s vision was to create a brand that went alongside youthful experiences, individuality, and daily ventures. The products showcase a series of traditional collegiate wear mixed with artistic fusion. From snapbacks to bucket hats, button-downs to windbreakers, every 20-something kid can find something perfect to fit their young and ever changing wardrobe.

In the recently released “Warhol Anml Soup Tee“, the famous Campbell’s soup can originally painted by Andy Warhol is mimicked. The graphic is frontside only and includes a bright red chest half including sleeves and clean white bottom half with gold decorations along the bottom hem and the famous crest mid-chest. The traditional cursive Campbell’s writing writes out “AnmlHouse Worldwide” accommodated for the brand itself.

Check out AnmlHse online to stay up-to-date with their releases, as many of the items sell out quickly!


Photos: AnmlHse