Katie Eary – Swimwear 2013 Line

by on June 17, 2013

London-based designer, Katie Eary, is a show-stopping menswear entrepreneur who began her designs early in fashion rich city. After being recognized by British Vogue directly after her completion at The Royal College of Art and having her pieces photographed on Kate Moss, her career began take off. This year, she released her Swimwear line of beautifully decorated one-pieces and high-end (and high-waisted), innovative bikinis that every chick will be drooling over by the end of the summer.


 The raunchy swimwear replicates divine art and noble animals. With a combination of low cuts and high waists, it’s the perfect suit to wear on your in-laws luxury yacht or poolside at the country club, but if you’re thinking of wearing it tanning, you may want to reconsider.

Because Eary’s vision was devoted to men, this swim couture is a big deal for the longing eyes of every girlfriend. The silhouettes are pristine for every body shape — low cuts (“Blue Seas Twist Front” photographed above) for curves, high waists (“50’s Shape Golden Arowana 2 Piece photographed below) for long legs, tubular one-pieces (“Golden Arowana 50’s Shape“) for the stick-figures, and triangle duos (“Blue Seas Itsy Bitsy“) for the more casual girl — allowing for every fashionista the comfort of dabbling into the series.


Check out the amazing swim collection for females and the absolutely breathtaking menswear entirety online.

Photos: Katie Eary