Released Today: Nike Pro Aztec Alibi Printed Bra and Tights

by on June 17, 2013

There are few things that can put a smile on a girls face early on Monday mornings, but this morning Nike launched the Nike Pro Aztec Alibi Printed Bra and Tights, a collection pair that is sure to bring some light into your stressful week. 

FA13_JUNE-NTM_FANNY-LATOUR_4572_rgb-croppedWhen it comes to work-out clothes, girls want the brightest they can get as of late, and with Nike being the #1 sports wear manufacturer, it’s no surprise that they are following all trends if not setting them. The Nike Pro Aztec Alibi Printed Bra and Tights pair released this morning combining bright colors and abstract designs so no one can miss you working your ass off!

Printed with eye-catching colors and 80s patterns and designed with the Dri-FIT technology, you’ll not only look fab when you’re doing your circuits, but you’ll feel amazing while you’re killing the calories. The extra supportive bra is also an asset to the tops, updating to a more comfortable fit starting at the straps.

FA13_JUNE-NTM_FANNY-LATOUR_4836_rgb-croppedNow we all have the solid-colored sports bras that have been hot for the past year, so if you want to stand out MORE while you’re working on your rock-hard abs and beach bod, make sure to check out the newly released Nike Pro Aztex Alibi Printed collection online!

Photos: Nike