HIRING! ILS Is Looking to Add A Video Intern to the Team

by on June 19, 2013

Looking to break in to the fashion and music industries? ILS is offering an internship that will allow you to meet and work with some of the most influential and creative leaders in both. Videographers have the special ability to relay stories in visually appealing and contextually compelling ways, are you up for the challenge?

ILS Video Internship Requirements:

-Must have personal video camera

-Attached or removable mic (optional)

-Knowledge and mastered skill of Final Cut Pro

-Must be available upon request (within a reasonable time-frame)

Benefits of Working with ILS:

-We offer college credit if needed

-Producer credits

-Stylistic integrity will be kept

-An “in” to some of the hottest parties and events in NYC

If you are interested, please e-mail ramya@theilsmag.com with your resume, portfolio, or YouTube page ASAP.