Nike Trainers For Every Girl

by on June 19, 2013

When it comes to the gym, some are content to keep it simple, but chances are if you’re a girl, you want to accessorize with the latest and greatest workout-maximizing gear. If this is you, then look no further: Nike has rolled out three new and specific women’s trainers that are sure to fit any girls’ workout.

For studio athletes involved in pilates, barre, and yoga, check out the Nike Studio Wrap Pack. This is not your ordinary point-shoe: a Three-Part System, including a supportive customizable ribboned and protective flat that can be easily slipped in and out of, give the wearer multiple options for how to wear the shoe.


The Nike Free TR III is the all-around training shoe in this pack. The shoe is sure to support the most diverse workouts with multidirectional traction and flexion. No matter your fitness goal, the TR III is a safe bet to get you there.


And for the hardcore Рthose into boot camp, cross training and any other intense workout РNike has the Free Bionic trainer. Incredibly strong support in a lightweight shoe, the Free Bionic is a great option for active women. The market for shoes of this type is opening, which will surely be accepted with open arms by the female community.


Photos: Nike

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