Nike Celebrates LeBron James’ Second NBA Title with New Commercial and Championship Pack

by on June 21, 2013

It seems as if The King‘s–King James–better known as LeBron James, reign has begun. Though many can say that this started last season when he captured his very first NBA title, this repeat only cements his place in the game at this time and also amongst the greats.

Many would have thought that the seasoned veterans, Spurs, would have pulled it out but LeBron and The Heat seemed to be a bit hungrier this time around. To honor this accomplishment, Nike launched their new commercial ” Leave A Message ” with features some of LeBron’s greatest friends leaving him a congratulatory message as he isn’t able to reach the phone. The other addition to this is the championship pack which features the LeBron X PS Elite, the LeBron X Low, two hats and a t-shirt. Nike gives you an opportunity to bask in The King‘s glory.