Komono Wizard Print Watch Series

by on June 23, 2013

We are living in the age of the smartphone, a time of traditions being buried, but that will never take away from the importance of a good timepiece. Year-old brand Komono has released their Wizard-Print collection of watches that features some of our favorite all-over patterns like camo, leopard, and tropical that are sure to catch your eye.


Komono is an accessories brand created by designers Anton Janssen and Raf Maes. The word “Komono“, Japanese for “small things”, is a perfect way to describe this simple, yet unique collection of watches. The Wizard-Print watches feature matte metal faces and canvas bands for a comfortable and lightweight feel. These watches are a great accessory for colorful summer outfits but are also able to transcend other seasons as well.

The collection is available for purchase at Wish Atlanta.

Photos: Wish Atlanta

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