Lease On Life Society Previews A Very Fiery New Piece for the Summer

by on June 23, 2013

Last project we saw from Lease On Life Society was their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Though this collection was released a couple months, L.O.L.S has accelerated their development just in time to solidify their rank amongst the up and coming brands this Summer.


With the Summer being dominated by some of fashion’s most fancied trends, Lease On Life Society takes a chance with their new product. Why do I say a chance? Well you see the thing about trends, is that they are a hit or miss majority of times. Luckily for Lease On Life Society, they pull off a remarkable product that will be glorified by the streets. The mint green all-over print t-shirt, features two sections of flames–one being a regular flame while the other being inverted. The flames signify the balance between good and bad, yin and yang, heaven and hell, just about everything right that goes with everything wrong. While the mint green plays as the medium for the serenity between these two entities. No release information on the piece yet but stick with us for update. Look out for this piece to make a statement this Summer.