Louis Vuitton 2014 “ICONS” Collection

by on June 24, 2013

French designer Louis Vuitton is renowned for creating universal and classically tailored pieces that everyone wants to be seen in. Their Spring/Summer 2014 “ICONS” is nothing short of that — a group of pieces that are effortless and that will last forever, not only quality-wise, but also à la mode.


While top designers consistently aim to produce classic collections such as those by Louis Vuitton, only few have succeeded in making them desirable for people of all all demographics. With LV, you can visit any place in the world and see their famous pattern adorned on leather goods and worn by a vast variety of people. Although most people aren’t as familiar with their apparel, those who are know that the collections are just as classic as the bags.


In the Spring/Summer 2014 “ICONS” collection, LV‘s vision was to create a series of pieces that weren’t just prevalent to the now, but rather a series of timeless bombers, trench coats, suits, sweaters, and polos that are ready to wear next year and for several decades following. The collection entails brights and grays, assembled outfits and mix-and-match pieces alike, making for a versatile and wearable series.

The collection will be released in the early months of next year, so make sure to look for it at Louis Vuitton to add iconic, simple, yet spunky pieces to your wardrobe.

Photos: Hypebeast