Moschino Debuts Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

by on June 27, 2013

Moschino recently showed their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, and is receiving a lot of buzz. The runway show held in Shanghai, China showcased elementally-inspired casual wear, as well as, literally, electric suits and tuxedos. While being anything but subtle, Moschino‘s SS 14 offers a tantalizing glimpse of a sure to be exciting season.

moschino-ss14_19The, more or less, common theme of Moschino‘s collection was earthly elements, including fire, water, earth, air… and galaxy? While we may not be used to this concept of space being an element, no one can deny the visual delectability of galaxy print. Another element used by Moschino is this intriguing lightning pattern which is sure to cause a stir.

moschino-ss14_7One highlight of the collection is a pair of shorts with an ocean sunset photographic print. The model can be seen wearing these shorts with a light blue windbreaker and wave-print polo to maintain the aquatic theme.


moschino-ss14_5Another favorite is the sweater shown here, which features several elemental patterns layered linearly. The pattern seen on this crew neck sweater is also available for button-down shirts. The cargo shorts do, however, bring the models otherwise stellar look down a tad.

Photos: Fucking Young!