adidas x mastermind Japan – Originals 2013 Collection

by on June 29, 2013

Adidas and Mastermind Japan teamed up as of recent to create a collection of classic shoes wearable for all. If you remember the standard adidas shoe from about 10 years ago, some of the styles may ring a bell to you.image-1With the classic Three Stripes and white rubber toecap, the shoes are being recycled and modernized for a more innovative look. And while that is set to be one of the most popular styles of the collection, the series includes at least four other styles for you to choose from.

It seems as though many shoemakers have been focused on bright colors and stand-out patterns, but adidas x mastermind Japan’s 2013 collection does the opposite. All of the shoes are black with a white sole, perfect for any outfit whether you’re strolling from class to class or suiting up for a weekend outing.

image-2The various styles range from a leather/rubber/velcro combo sneaker look to low-top lace ups, never discounting comfort, and always incorporating the Three Stripe signature of adidas with the stationary skull and cross bones of mastermind. The shoes are creatively designed and classically mastered for every guy to like, but there’s a catch…the adidas x mastermind¬†will only release the shoes in extremely small quantities when they are debuted, so chances of all hybebeasts being able to expand their collection with a pair is rare to none.

mastermind-japan-adidas-originals-6-570x378Photos: Wish Atlanta