Brand Spotlight: ILL COSBY

by on June 29, 2013

Coming from humble beginnings, the creators of the mega web store, Ill Cosby have set out to become a platform for independent brands everywhere. After facing a few setbacks from the mainstream industry, they found their missing ingredient to success was to become a host for a variety of brands such as: WRDLYF, The Gods NY, Twin Brand and Fresh Fest to name a few. See and read more exclusive content after the jump.

Making their start in high school by selling handcrafted personalized garments from out of car trunks and at local fairs, designer Nick Descalzo along with marketing team Chris Damour and Jon Dawson had big dreams for their brand Twin Brand. After dealing with the politics involved with gaining attention through big web and local retailers the team along with friend Jim Mcaleer (creator of WRDLYF) decided to collaborate in order to achieve the same goal – become an outlet for independent brands everywhere. The platform created by the collab has lead to the creation of Ill Cosby –the web store which allowed them to stand out in the independent industry by taking the risky decision to not charge the brands for being on their site instead, they would all pay each other with cross promotion, thus diversifying their products.

They have said “Our plan is to provide a means of exposure for independent brands like us looking to come up as well as help each other succeed. Thats why illcosby.coms slogan is: independent brands making major moves.” Together the guys have been doing just that, they have been making a lot of progress and noise with their newest campaign for The Gods NY; now available in select retailers in the Long Island area! Business has been good all around, Ill Cosby has recently added Evil’s Dungeon Apparel,  an MMA/fight gear focused brand that sponsors its own fighters, Total Ruckus – a skate/sportswear brand, the official merch and apparel for record label Langumas Ent focusing on their Dominican reggaeton star, Gio Flow,and Electric Effect – a new brand inspired by the electronic music scene. I can’t  wait to see what else they have in mind for 2013. For now you can enjoy and purchase their merch here on their site.  Check out their latest lookbook featuring each brand.

WRDLYF_promo ED_promo twinbrand_promo TR_promo langumas_promo FF_promo

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