Marc by Marc Jacobs Short-Sleeved Printed Cotton Shirt

by on June 30, 2013

For the times when guys just don’t know what to wear when their girlfriends are getting cocktail casual, every guy needs a Marc by Marc Jacobs piece. The Short-Sleeved Printed Cotton Shirt is only one example of Marc Jacobs‘ ability to create something abstract enough to draw attention but traditional enough for every guy to want one.


Due to the constricting menswear formulas, there have been few successful floral incorporations since the flower fad has resurfaced, but Marc by Marc Jacobs‘ latest three panel shirt defies that poor association. The short sleeve button down is constructed of neutral colors with a base of black. The top sectional is decorated with a tan floral patter, the middle panel is a deep ketchup red to balance the busy, and the bottom third of it is a great tan and red more chaotic floral atop a black surface.

The backside of the shirt is covered majorly in the black, tan, and red fabric, with the tan floral lying on the shoulders for contrast. The shirt is not only practical because of the trends that it abides by, but also because of how wearable it is due to the colors. Paired with khaki shorts or black jeans, the piece is made to stand out and bring a not-so-interesting outfit together to be an eye catcher.

The shirt is selling on Mr. Porter for $180 and can be found in select Marc by Marc Jacobs retailers throughout the summer.

Photos: Mr. Porter