Mèlange Pays Homage To The Old School With ‘Coogi’ T

by on July 2, 2013

Off the top of my head I know two people who would be extremely proud of this t-shirt and they happen to be the Notorious B.I.G and A$AP Ferg. Back in the old school days, Biggie was one of the main supporters of Coogi and today A$AP Ferg seems to be leading the pack of Coogi lovers.

However, the t-shirt isn’t a Coogi product but instead inspired by the lavish brand itself. Mèlange channels their admiration and affection for Coogi sweaters that were dominant in the 90’s with their latest creation. The drip effect placed on the front of the t-shirt evokes a very distinct feel to the Coogi-inspired piece while on the back, we see a graphic of ‘Mèlange‘ that was also smothered in the design seen on the front. The piece can now be purchased at their online store and stay with us for updates on upcoming releases.

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