SSUR ‘Coco Made Me Do It’ Tee

by on July 4, 2013

While haute couture is churned out during Paris Fashion Week, the streetwear industry continues to derive humor from high fashion. This time, it is accomplished culprit SSUR with this blacked-out Spring/Summer 13 shirt that saves the wearer from ever having to explain his or herself again.

SSUR_black_coco_7113_small1Now, through SSUR, you can blame anything on Coco Chanel! Are your homies giving you shit for your shoe-sock combination? “Coco Made Me Do It.” You let your girl catch you red-handed, creepin’ with the girl next door? “Coco Made Me Do It.” This shirt is another hot commodity from SSUR (really, I don’t advise wearing this shirt on a hot, sunny day) for you to wear for Summer 13 and beyond. Buy the shirt now at Wish.