Hood by Air 2014 S/S Collection

by on July 6, 2013

Hood By Air is renowned for releasing pieces that are a combination of traditional street wear with a taste of high-end fashion. Their spring/summer 2014 collection falls nothing short of that, accentuating blues and white and rarely excluding their HBA signature tag. 

While HBA‘s style isn’t ever majorly altered, next year’s collection is undoubtedly an update to their previous releases. The collection features more color and varying silhouettes such as the zippered-collared-scrunched lightweight jacket and the baby blue and white paneled button down.

Shayne Oliver‘s vision for his company was one that brought together the hood and the high-end feel; and while that incentive isn’t foreign, he has proven that it is an ever-evolving process to keep up with both. The brand started with graphic t-shirts, but Hood By Air‘s 2014 Spring/Summer Collection is proof that there have been strides in their direction and production.


Photos: Hypebeast