Luxury Looks: Dries Van Noten’s Coffs Woven Top

by on July 7, 2013

This lovely paisley version of the Coffs Woven Top from Belgian designer Dries Van Noten is a striking look. Simply calling a shirt would be a disservice to the extravagance and sophistication of this item.

dvn01140010nav_08_largeThe top is crafted from a quilted tapestry-like fabric of midnight blue and golden earth toned wools and features an intricate paisley pattern. As seen on the model, the fit of the top is very laid back and loose, but this does not take away from its luxuriousness. At a price of $1147, you won’t see people wearing this Dries Van Noten piece like you see heads rock Air Jordans, but you fit the bill then this is most definitely that unique piece you’ve been searching for.