Spring Break Feeds Those In Need With Their Eco-Friendly Wood Watches

by on July 10, 2013

Spring Break has passed and I’m sure lots of people may still be reminiscing on their outrageously fun times. However, the Spring Break we spotlight today happens to be a watch company.

Two things about this watch blew me away. One being that it’s an eco-friendly wood watch and also with each watch sold, 10 meals are provided to starving kids. It doesn’t get any more humanitarian than that right there. It’s amazing to see the cause Spring Break is fighting for, as it’s not too many brands nowadays that contribute abundantly to those in need. This alone gives them my respect and appreciation for their brand. Make sure to head over to their online store to not only get yourself a new stylish and affordable wood watch but to also provide 10 meals for a lucky child somewhere in the World.