Brand Spotlight: BVD KVRMA Summer 2013

by on July 11, 2013

Here at TheILSMag, we like to give the underdogs an opportunity to shine, and this time it’s cut and sew brand BVD KVRMA. Grade-A dopeness doesn’t only come from players like BlackScale and SSUR – the underground streetwear scene is thriving with innovation, which in this case can be found lurking in the darkness: BVD KVRMA.

20130626-20130626-IMG_0887Everyone knows that V is the new A. BVD KVRMA, based out of New York, is inspired by the everlasting existence of the concept of Karma throughout history. Aesthetically, the brand personifies the dark side of the human identity through thematically demonic clothing. The summer collection exudes BVD KVRMA‘s attitude with an inclusion of unique bandana-sleeved pocket tees and  black tonal snapbacks.

The ‘Bandana Pocket Tee‘ comes in black and white and features sleeves made of black bandana fabric. The simplistic complexity of this shirt creates a striking look while rendering it wearable with essentially anything.


Two head-turning hats are also available, one with a front-facing pentagram, the other a definite crowd-pleaser featuring an angels covenant as well as the slogan “EVOLVE“. While the hats are currently available in black only, other ‘Bred’ colors of the hats have been seen – no word on when they will drop.

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 10.11.06 PM

Check out BVD KVRMA for this collection and past releases – it will definitely be worth your while.