Brand Spotlight: Musika FRÈRE

by on July 11, 2013

Although I’m still trapped in the street-wear world at the moment, there will come a time where I’ll have to crossover more into the corporate side of the fashion world. When that defining moment in my life comes, I want to adorn myself in only the finest of threads when pertaining to the formal wear category. This is where Musika Frère comes into the equation.



I could go the typical route and say that the brand is an extravagant embodiment of what sophistication should look like but it’s more than that. It’s fearless in its approach to bring bold, dapper, and dazzling pieces to the wearer for all those special occasions or even regular day activities as well. They place no limits on what they do and this shows just how much they are willing to do what they truly desire.

0003557127_PM_1274946657They say what you choose to wear paints a very telling picture of yourself and by the looks of it Davidson Petit-Frère is not only a man who takes stupendous pride in his appearance but a man who walks the Earth knowing his worth as a human. With Tom Ford being one of his greatest inspirations, he may just be namedrop-ed if Jay-Z decides to do a sequel to Tom Ford; labeled as ‘Musika Frère’. With aspirations of being an iconic fashion brand, Davidson has all the essential tools to accomplish this when it’s all said it done. It doesn’t hurt that he’s extremely intelligent, respectful, and driven to make everything happen for himself.

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