Event Recap: Electric Circus x Rocksmith Present Migos At The Westway

by on July 11, 2013

Electric Circus has definitely been on a tear as of late especially after running press for the Chief Keef concert at Best Buy Theater and curating Trinidad Jame$ and Project Pat at Santos. Being involved in an onslaught of events, many were wondering what would be Electric Circus’ next move. Although it was announced only a few days ago that they would be teaming with Rocksmith to bring the hottest rappers in Atlanta at the moment, Migos, the word spread like a wildfire. Though the temporary Southern duo–actually a trio but one member, Offset, is currently behind bars–has gained an immense amount of exposure recently after Drake decided to bless them with his perennial trap hit feature–exhibit A being Tony Montana and exhibit B being UsMigos are more than just the less favorable verses of the Versace Remix.


True fans know of the prior heaters such as Bando, Hannah Montana, and Fema, while the World at this current moment knows them for the infectious hook of ” Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace.” With Atlanta on lock, Migos decided that it was time to take it to the East. With appearances all over New York in the past few days, they have surely been making their rounds and trying to increase their popularity in not only New York but the entire US itself. Hoping to conquer New York, The Westway was deemed the location of their final showdown for their first New York trip.

61f6b3dce9ee11e2987422000a9e08f2_7Though doors didn’t open promptly at 9p.m., from the minute you stepped into the venue, it was as if you were teleported to Atlanta. With a bevy of DJs slated to spin before the main attraction took to the stage, it was clear from early on that the Southern Music was the main course for the night. All the DJs were solid but Tommy Kruise and Childish Major captivated the crowd with their selection of music. After two hours of the DJs spinning, the crowd was showing signs of fatigue until Migos hit the stage and immediately ignited the crowd into a ruckus.

Sticking to one of their main principles, Migos came out to the mixtape’s intro track, ‘Rich Than Famous‘. Shortly after, ‘Hannah Montana‘ was played and met with an unbelievably loud recital from the crowd. For a second, you could feel the high hopes of Drake coming out as the ‘Versace Remix‘ was played, triggering the crowd into complete pandemonium. These hopes vanished when Drake’s verse was completed and Migos got straight into their infamous hook “Versace Versace“. Other cuts that were performed were ‘Fema‘, ‘Bando‘, and ‘China Town‘. Though their performance was short-lived, I left the venue feeling satisfied. Not because it was a free concert and I got to enjoy my night but because they held their own in the shark pool known as New York. Unfortunately Offset is still isn’t free but Quavo and TakeOff surely put their everything into performances like these to make him proud until he comes home and is able to bask in the new fond fame.

If you’re still thinking that Migos are just the annoying rappers that follow Drake on ‘Versace Remix‘ then you’re wrong. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. If you’re ever in a drug dealer-esque mood, don’t hit the block but instead invade your speakers with their last mixtape, Young Rich N*ggas. They surely have earned more respect on my end and I’ll sit patient to see what the future holds for them. Thank you Electric Circus and Rocksmith!