ICYMI: W Hotels Launches #WGangsNY Summer Music Series

by on July 11, 2013

With a concept inspired by the film “The Warriors,” W Hotels launched their summer music series with The Virgins, Yeasayer and Grandmaster Flash. Guests including Justine Skye, Glyn Brown, Taja Barber, Sharon Carpenter, Ro James, We Wore What and the ATL Twins all showed their support fo the sound-clashing event.

The idea behind #WGangsNY is to bring together different musical genres to provide a eclectic music experience with DJs and bands from completely different genres who are represented by different record labels in the Sound Clash sponsored by W Hotels NYC. One of 8 shows, last night brought 3 acts, The Virgins, Yeasayer and Grandmaster Flash, sponsored by Absolut Vodka.

The event, which lacked a proper host, reached its climax during Grandmaster Flash‘s DJ set. He started his set with a mini-rant, saying “real hip-hop comes from the Bronx, where it started.” He then proceeded to play 80s rock and roll “trying something different.” The crowd indulged in his old-school set, embodying what  a “real” dj set should look like, with call and responses by the audience with couples trying to steal sweet kisses when they thought no one was looking. Back in the day, the dj WAS the party; he was the one that brought the party and it was clear everyone came for The Grandmaster.

Check out some footage and pics below!

Grandmaster FlashATL Twins The VirginsSharon Carpenter

Glyn Brown, Taja Barber

[Featured Image Credit: @Harrybeenyc]

[Photos via BFA and Taja Barber]