Nike Rolls Out #SUMMERISSERIOUS Campaign With Kevin Durant and James Harden

by on July 11, 2013

The Summer tends to bring out the best in basketball because of the weather and the added appeal of playing basketball outdoors. Launched on June 28th, Nike’sSummer Is Serious” Campaign is meant to spotlight the fearless competition of the Summer.

The main characters in the first campaign video happens to be Kevin Durant and Anton Barrels who put on a very comedic acting performance throughout the video. Starting July 9th, Nike will be pumping out videos such as these to showcase the personalities that are associated with the summer basketball. They will even be giving people the chance to play on Durant’s and Harden’s teams by tweeting @nikebasketball and hash-tagging #SUMMERISSERIOUS. The two teams will then play a pickup game on August 16th at the Tournament of Champions. Find out more over at Nike.