Balmain Distressed Biker Jeans

by on July 12, 2013

Hopefully Lil Wayne didn’t ruin skinny jeans for you. If he did, let these Balmain jeans resurrect the trend that you definitely partook in at some point. The Parisian house has reinvigorated skinnies’ coolness factor with these jeans that give any outfit that extra badass kick.


It really is all about that designer jean life, and what better a designer to wear than a high-fashion label such as Balmain? While I myself have gone (past tense) through the skinny jean phase, I really do love these jeans because of their ability to be as wearable as any pair of jeans while being distinctly different. The jeans feature a elastic ribbed panels around the knees to accentuate the wearer’s shape while simultaneously providing comfort. And of course, what badass pants don’t have plenty of zippers on them? With designs from Paris, these jeans are meticulously constructed to a high standard in Japan. Wear these jeans anywhere, literally anywhere, whether you’re a car mechanic or rolling up to the club, you’ll be sure to look fly.

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