Lurkavelli Presents Visuals For “Keep Your Circle Tight”

by on July 12, 2013

NYC native Lurkavelli released a video for his single “Keep Your Circle Tight” from his imminent LURKAVELLI  EP set to release this fall. Perhaps the only artist to claim the Lower East Side as his roots, Lurkavelli offers some intense visuals that mimics the artistic integrity of the first reality show on television, “Cops.” Fully equipped with news reports and white noise, check out the video after the jump!

Decked out in Bad Bunch NYC, it came as no surprise when he dropped that good ol’ street knowledge on how you should always watch your back and watch the company you keep. Using his smooth tone of voice he gives you the realness on how rough the streets can actually be when everybody is on a paper chase. Showcasing the LES housing projects, which used to be temporary housing for soldiers after WWII, Lurkavelli offers a NYC perspective that no one really new existed! From the beat to the Lyrics Lurkavelli definitely got his message across.

Check out his website HERE.

Contribution by @tisramya