Nike MAX Transitions Runners’ Sunglasses

by on July 14, 2013

Ever feel like you don’t feel legit enough stepping out for a run while wearing Wayfarers? Chances are you’re wearing Nikes on your feet, but the swoosh also has you covered for eyewear. Nike recently teamed up with Transitions Optical to create lenses that respond quickly to variable amounts of light. Packaged in the lightweight Tailwind 12 frame, these new shades are the perfect accessory for day-time runners.

Nike_MAXTransitionsSpeedTint_front_largeYou may know of Transitions Optical from those corny commercials they had a few years back (secretly we all wanted them) but the practicality of their technology is undeniable. The Nike MAX Transitions Speed Tint, as the lenses are called, are made to reduce the strain on a runner’s eyes caused by the reflection of light in his or her environment; the brighter it gets, the darker the lenses, and vice versa. The lenses have also been cut in a specific way so as not to distort the wearer’s vision, giving the wearer superior vision on a large field of view.

Such an innovative product is no surprise coming from Nike, and MAX Transitions technology has been applied to Nike Golf and other Outdoor tints, so these shades will be available for a wide range of activities. You can get your very own Tailwind 12 MAX Transitions now at NikeStore.