Dominique – Unfinished T-Shirt

by on July 16, 2013

Dominique, a New York City based artist also self-proclaimed as “The Young Picasso” is nothing short of that name. A previewed shirt as of late is a small demonstration of his talent, and although it’s proclaimed as “unfinished”, I couldn’t envision any more beauty in a t-shirt than what it is now. 

From the lines, colors, and abstract finishes, it’s no surprise that the artist himself was classically trained – born in Philadelphia and now a student at Parsons in NYC, his work demonstrates his well-taught as well supreme individuality that stands out especially plastered onto wearable t-shirts.

This particular piece can be interpreted in a plethora of ways, but once you look deeper the first time, I can guarantee you’ll be going back to look further more several more times. The graphic features a bright red that highlights several sections of the shirt and a mere face on the front. Several lines cut and conclude to draw attention to the sections of which all work together to create the overall sensation for the eye. The entire piece is one that everyone will be gawking over soon and this is only a peek into what is to come in the near future. Look out for Dominique‘s artwork because it won’t be long until he’s receiving Picasso-worthy attention. Visit his website here.