FEAR OF GOD LA Collection

by on July 16, 2013

Don’t let the name scare you – the brand is a less-than-harmless LA based brand that constructs simplistic pieces all within America’s territory. While some people may call their productions basic, I think that a better way to put it would be practical.


FEAR OF GOD doesn’t release much information about the creators and minds behind it, but perhaps we don’t need words to explain the beauty in universally versatile pieces such as these. While those less specific to detail may opt for the Champion collection of generic cottons, for much better quality basics, definitely check out FEAR OF GOD. The small collection of wife-beaters, short-sleeved hoodies, and crew necks are definitely worthy of indulging in for a pretty price. Check out the collection on RSVP Gallery and look out for their signature black leather label on their items when you’re splurging next.

Photos: RSVP Gallery