Helena Christensen Covergirl for Futureclaw Magazine

by on July 16, 2013

The only reason why nude shots have been seen less recently is because in our generation, nudity has hardly been up to par with what set the precedent for beautiful nudity – some of the most original supermodels of all time. Shot by Gregory Derkenne, Futureclaw Magazine recently had the pleasure of working with Helena Christensen for a spread in the magazine.

Helena-Christensen-for-Futureclaw-Magazine-by-Gregory-Derkenne-08The set was shot in Christensen‘s NYC apartment and the supermodel was (hardly) dressed in luxury lingerie and lace of her own. The hopeless romantic and photographer’s dream is 44 years young now and still looking stunning as ever in these most recent photos. It is every girl’s dream to have a body like Helena Christensen‘s at any point in their life, and these shots only further emphasize her fearlessness and absolute beauty, especially with the years of spotlight she’s had behind her as a renowned supermodel.


Photos: Highsnobiety