Interview: Glyn Brown Talks Development, Ian Connor, Justine Skye, Ade, London, and Future Plans

by on October 26, 2013

Last year this time, Tumblr was ran by the likes of Glyn Brown and his family (Justine Skye, Joo, Ken Rebel, Ian Connor, Ade and Taja). Though they have left their marks on the Tumblr world, another year of experience and growth has landed them in new domains. Nothing was the same when he and his peers decided to expand out of the Tumlr world, the very same virtual world which provided them with a platform to display their talents, personalities and more. A year later and Glyn is gearing up to be a better Glyn Brown. As the leader of the pack, Glyn has not only set the tone for the rest of them but also shown an immense amount of potential; potential which he now has to live up to. Recently we caught up with Glyn Brown himself to talk some of the most important happenings in his life at this time. Read the full interview below.


1. So what’s up? What’s been going on in the past couple months?

Glyn: School!!! I hate my major right now which is Product Design. I’m going to change it to Communication Design next semester but for now I have to thug it out. Also just balancing out my personal life and self examining myself and my future plans.

2. Recently you changed your name on Twitter while also attempting to change it on Instagram as well? What’s the reasoning behind this? Is it just the next stage in your maturation and brand development or should I say individual development?

Glyn: Change is something that can either make or break you. I know this won’t be the downfall for Glyn Brown. I’m not trying to go down like Lil’ Bow Wow and have everything go downhill lol. Nah but honestly L3NF has a lot of history and the brand itself speaks volumes to young kids out there trying to make something out of nothing. I felt like it was time for a change. L3NF was heavily watched based off the fact that I was the vision behind it. I also feel like people really respected the person behind it more than the designs. The brand really didn’t showcase what I really have to offer. Me rebranding myself and just having people focus on me as a person and what I do. Depending on what it is. From clothing, comedy, art, anything. So the method behind GlynBrownTV is that people always watched me and zoned into what I had to say and what I was offering. So it still is L3NF in a way just on a wider scale.

3. You have mentioned many times about going to London. What do you hope to learn from this trip?

Glyn: A better sense and understanding about the culture of fashion and really getting inspired by the different lifestyle that London has.


4. Speaking of exposure, how do you feel about the growing popularity of Justine, Ken Rebel, Joo, Ian, Ade and more? How proud are you at this point because it wasn’t too long ago that people put you guys in the Tumblr box and now you guys are doing unimaginable things.

Glyn: This was always our vision to aim outside the Internet and get on billboards, magazines, TV, and etc . I always knew that we would grow. I always knew Justine would get to this point . I always saw the growth for Kendell to reach this point. Along with Ian and myself to really make a impact in the art scene. And of course Joo with modeling and Taja with DJ’in and being a influencer. It’s just amazing!


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Glyn: Ade is really the fashion stylist out of all of us. He really understands how to put things together and really make it look good. And his loyalty to us and his personality will get him far. I see Ade in the music industry though styling people or being a personal shopper.

6. How about your relationship with Justine, you guys seem to be quite the power couple in the making. Do you think the world is ready for you guys as a couple?

Glyn: People really don’t understand at all our relationship. We really are strong. Like power really defines us. I can say so much more but it goes without saying that the love is strong.

7. You and Ian at times showcase a very love-and-hate relationship? Why is that? Explain the relationship that you guys have between each other.

Glyn: We understand EACH OTHER too much. Our egos get a hold of us sometimes but we always get over it because even though we are so much alike we understand that we have a different path we need to take. We will always reconnect.

8. What can we expect from you next? Is there anything you can reveal at this point?

Glyn: EVERYTHING LIT – November 23rd , December – January.

9. Less than two years ago things started changing for you, looking back on it now, what do you see in the future for yourself and your peers? What has been some of the most defining moments thus far and how hellbent are you on achieving greatness in this world?

Glyn: Honestly more Power! And I really can’t answer what’s been the most defining thing. But I just feel really great about everything that’s been happening.

10. Also is there any chance we get to see more of YUMMA in the coming months?


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