Top 10 Rappers With The Best Gun-Sound Ad-Libs

by on December 23, 2013

For whatever reason the sound of a gun discharging has somehow became rather prominent in our era of music, but it has become one of our favorite ad-libs we look forward to in a rap song. By no way do we promote violence, we are simply amused by the creativity that rappers have today when it comes to an intangible such as an ad-lib in this new age. Click below to see the entire list.

10. Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick Lamar isn’t much of one for ad-libs but he does use his infamous gun sound from time to time on songs such as ‘The Jig is Up’ and ‘The Art of Peer Pressue’. The rapper who spits lyrical shells on a daily doesn’t need such an ad-lib but it’s always amusing to hear his gun letting off a couple shots at times. It wasn’t long ago that Meek Mill called him out on his fictional gun when he expressed that it didn’t sound like a real gun at all; However, a King needs no guns when he can hire shooters. Listen below at the 0:49 mark.

9. Ace Hood – It’s safe to say that Ace Hood was definitely taking notes in the shadows and trying to perfect his very own gun ad-lib while studying his OG, Ricky Rozay. Known for his hard hitting singles and hustle-inspiring records, Ace Hood takes that very same attitude and applies it to his gun ad-lib – a very intimidating one. Listen below at the 2:58 mark.

8. Rich Homie Quan – Making people feel some kind of way can cause problems, and with problems come protection. Coming in at about 5’9 and 135lbs, Rich Homie Quan may not be a giant but he definitely has access to something that can conquer a giant. Known for his coined “That’s Rite 2!” ad-lib, Rich Homie Quan has informed us before that him and his friends may not be tool men but hammers are some things they know oh so well. Listen below at the 0:59 mark.

7. Lil Mouse – Probably the saddest thing about this list is the 14-year old rapper, Lil Mouse. Engulfed in the ongoing violence that Chicago experiences, Lil Mouse lives and breathes his surroundings. Although he hasn’t even been through puberty, Lil Mouse has proven to us that he’s another scary sight coming out of Chicago while reminding us constantly just how his gun goes. We just want Lil Mouse to stop pursuing rap and become the scholar we all know he can be. Listen below at the 2:20 mark.

6. 2 Chainz – Now I know you think this man is all about his “TRUUUUUUU” and “YAAAAAHHH” but it’s more to one of hip hop’s best performers right now. Though he has escaped the street life since receiving much fame in the past couple years, it wasn’t long ago that he voiced his frustrations – stating that he would be brainless if he was to actually shoot someone because of his celebrity. This was after he was almost shot during a robbery in Oakland. 2 Chainz puts so much emphasis into the ad-lib, you can almost feel the bullet piercing your skin. at Listen below at the 3:24 mark.

5. Waka Flocka – Once Gucci Mane’s shooter circa 2009, Waka Flocka is now your worst nightmare; a shooter turned superstar. It seems like Waka may have left some things in the past as he chases the money but he will always be one of the legends when it comes to the gun ad-lib. There aren’t much people that can hold a longer gun ab-lib than Waka himself. Listen below at the 1:10 mark.

4. Migos – Migos were easily the ad-lib kings of 2013 after releasing a scorching hot mix-tape that’s considered by most a hood classic. While they spent most of their time earlier in the year screaming “Free Offset,” the ad-lib specialists made sure to always showcase their versatile gun ad-lib. With them, you can never tell if they’re shooting an AK47, a Machine Gun, or  shotguns. Our only advice is to duck. Listen below at the 2:19 mark.

3. Meek Mill – Meek seems to always remind us of how many rounds his clip holds so his place on this list is more than validated. The Philly rapper is no stranger to the ‘gun play’ and this is evident in his raps that talk about his goons lighting you up like a Christmas tree. If he isn’t yelling all over the track or talking about his cars, life, women, and etc, he’s normally letting lead fly with his ad-lib. Listen below at the 2:00 mark.

2.Chief Keef & Every Glory Boy – The Almighty So is no stranger to guns as his biggest run-in with the law was when he shot at police two years ago. Since then not much has changed as Chief Keef now figuratively shoots at whoever he doesn’t like which normally ranges from ‘oops’ to boys who are unable to “GLO UP.” Recently proclaiming that his upcoming mixtape, “Bang Pt. 3,” will raise the murder rate, Keef has shown that he will continue with his detrimental ways. BANG BANG. Listen below at the 1:00 mark.

1. Rick Ross When Ross isn’t grunting or screaming “ROZAY!” or talking about Wing Stop, he can be heard ad-libing his gun sound which sounds like a cannon being shot. Being the biggest boss in the game and having one of your lieutenants be Gunplay, Ross is no alien to the gunfire. His confident demeanor paves the way for the best gun ad-lib in the business.  Listen below at the 2:42 mark.

Image via Cam Kirk