Interview: Wolf Tyla Talks Wolf Movement, Jenny Patel Club Remix and More.

by on January 14, 2014

A Vine favorite, ILS got a chance to interview Wolf Tyla, who opened up about her Wolf Movement, street-wear the Jenny Patel Club Remix and more. Hit the jump for more.

We may never know her real name, but Wolf Tyla is an impressionable one. It’s hard to scroll through your Vine feed, no matter who you’re following, without coming across one of her Vines. With just 6 seconds and a phone, she has been able to spread her #wolfmovement message with her comedic songs and words of wisdom. She’s admirably altruistic, embedding her own experiences at the roots of her movement. She’s just herself, and some times a girl named Jenny Patel but she holds a very captivated and dedicated audience. Situations like these really prove how powerful the internet is, transcending social conventions. Her success is all so new, but we’re glad we caught her in the early stages. Check out what she said below–

1.You’ve U-Streamed about this, but I unfortunately missed it. Can you explain the Wolf Movement? From what I can tell, it’s very progressive, promoting things like confidence when facing adversity. Break it down.

image-1The Wolf Movement is something I created because of a childhood dream I had. Basically, the dream was of me on the back of a wolf, as crazy as it sounds. But what this particular wolf in my dream did was take me through my past journeys, where I was basically looking at a reflection of myself growing up– which includes the highs and low times in my life. As I grew up, I kept having the same dream with the same wolf. So I decided to do more research on it and looked up the spiritual meaning. A spiritual wolf represents a long for freedom. But, the main reason I started “wolf movement” was because I went through depression, and coming out of it was when I initially started it. The core meaning of “wolf movement” and its motives are to be yourself, not care what others think of you, keep your mind open, analyze the things that are getting you angry and refrain from that anger (“find your chill”), also to spread positivity. Be there for those who just need someone to listen, don’t judge, because you don’t know what other people are going through.

We’re a generation and we’re all different, but what makes us the “same” is that were all humans, humans of different perspectives, different skin, etc., So if we’re all human, why don’t we try and push each other towards success than bring others down to the point where they become depressed?

Wolf Tyla2. What’s your goal for the Wolf Movement? Yourself? Where do you want to take it? Why?

My goal for the Wolf Movement is for those who are apart of it, to keep on spreading it; but not for the credit where I can say, “I started that,” but because I want our generation to be more open minded and kinder towards each other and refrain from ignorance.

Truthfully, I don’t know what the future holds; therefore, I don’t know where the wolf movement will go. The wolf movement has saved and is saving lives, with me being right there every step of the way of its growth. I would never wish the pain I felt for years upon someone else, therefore I want to give hope to those who are experiencing depression, cutting, sadness, etc. that there is light…time heals all.

3. What role has Vine played for you– spiritually, financially, etc.? You’ve become one of the most influential users from Vines like your “thirsty song” and your Jenny Patel character/ alter ego.

I really don’t do anything spiritually on Vine. Vine for me is just a place where I want to show people that it’s okay to be yourself. Yes, you will get hate under your comments, but it’s your job to not let those hate comments get to you. Clearly from my vine comments you can see I’m liked as well as disliked…but have I stopped doing what I’m doing? No. Financially speaking, it has benefited me like no other. I’m very thankful for the people who created the Vine app. People always say, “Vine is just an app” but honestly behind this “just an app” are opportunities and exposure.

4. ILS is a fashion-centric website, mostly street-wear. You’re always wearing really dope t-shirts– what are some of your favorite brands? and you did a collab or have your own t-shirt right?

To be honest, I promote and am sponsored by so many clothing lines I can’t even pick a favorite. I love them and support them all like they are my very own clothing brand. Yes, I did have a collab with Démodé Clothing with a couple of shirts I designed, but due to different visions, disagreements and me wanting to start something myself with no collaborations, that ended within a month with all respect.


5. You’ve openly supported artists like the Speaker Knockers, Sage the Gemini, etc. and even have a “club remix,” can we expect music from you this year? Remixes.. collaborations…song writing?

I definitely support music artists, well known, especially underground rappers. Underground rappers because of the fact that lyrically what they compose has a story and is more than just some words with a beat. I feel like the bigger someone gets their original sound starts to change with what the media or of what the people’s liking. But that’s just my view, of course, not all rappers are like that. As for me, I’m not really sure, I’ve thought about it. I’ve tried different things with my voice. I just am trying to make myself familiar with everything, I think, all too fast. So, I guess myself and those who stick around long enough will see if there’s anything going on with the whole music thing. As for that “Jenny Patel club remix”, I gave no permission in that, I really didn’t even know or was the first to hear it. I found out from my friend Toni Romiti and listened to it, but it bumps, playing in clubs and all that, so I’m okay with it. For future remixes I just want my consent over it before it’s released.

6. What are you looking forward to in 2014? Vine has undoubtedly opened many doors for you, personally and professionally. How has/will it affect you career-wise this year? If at all. Ultimately, where do you want this to take you?

Somehow I want what I have right now and my opportunities to tie into business marketing. I’m a huge fan of promoting and speaking business so hopefully that’ll give myself as well as those who are apart of the wolf movement some benefits in the future.

WOlf Tyla7. You recently opened a P.O. BOX for fans to send you things, what’s the craziest, coolest, weirdest thing you’ve gotten so far?

Hahahahaa, well first off I can say I have some pretty lovable supporters. I’ve received a lot of things in my PO Box. The weirdest thing I’ve ever received was probably a shirt with just a hotdog on it…just a hotdog…like a tshirt with a hotdog just laying there like “oh im a hot dog.” The first mail I’ve ever received was from a boy named Josh who sent me the most heart felt letter along with two arizona iced tea cans (favorite drink) and a supreme sticker. (sticker collection).

One thing I want to tell my supporters is, I truly do appreciate every single one of you from the bottom of my heart. Every picture I’ve stopped to take, every autograph I’ve been asked to write, every tweet, every positive comment, every like, revine, etc. I am so grateful to have such a strong “fan-base” and those who are apart of the wolf movement. I really love you guys, and I know that they know that I love them, especially after the fact that I had a mini crying session over ustream that was completely unexpected.

Twitter: @therealtyla_
Instagram: @therealtyla
Vine: wolftyla

PO BOX info:
PO Box 20351
Huntington Station,
NY 11746


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    Can’t agree more, I hope she becomes really big and well known. The #wolfmovement is an amazing idea and definitely spreads positivity. She is very humble, and I know when it comes to hate, that’s not going to stop her from achieving her goals, and influencing people people as well.

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