VFiles Makes Another Brilliant Move with Sportswear Line

by on April 26, 2014

It seems like almost every brand today has been impacted by, as well influenced, the phenomenon of sportswear. Many have ditched couture and street-goth aesthetics for both ‘cozy’ and ‘tech’ looks that sportswear provides. With this trend in full bloom, VFiles, one of SoHo’s most renown stores, has adopted this very fad and embraced it for their Sport Plus collection. Why do we believe this was an admirable move on behalf of VFiles? Well for one, VFiles is home to some of the most distinct, outlandish, and innovative brands across the world right now so their versatility and taste for things of such natures have given them an aura of unpredictability. This vibrant aesthetic of VFiles is put on full display in their Sport Plus collection, which employs the usage of sports-inspired clothing and the assortment of colors that seem to always dominate the summer. Another plus for VFiles happens to be the decision they made to enlist motocross jerseys and shorts which in some sense is unchartered ground for streetwear as a whole. Sport Plus will see much success with VFiles’ budding influence and society’s desire to have nothing but tons of fun in the summer. It also stands as a perfect equalizer for engaging in athletics and encouraging more stylish summer training. Last but not least, VFiles continuously pulls inspiration from the younger generation, not only featuring them as the face of the collection, to stay above the curve and beyond the status quo . Be on the lookout for the release of VFiles Sport Plus this upcoming Monday.

Featured Image: Style