Interview: John Geiger Talks Relationship With Revis, Innovating Career Paths & More

by on July 14, 2014

This culture has more than its fair share of influencers, and amongst that group’s upper echelon is a man by the name of John Geiger. While he is the best friend and manager of Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis, John’s loyalty, hard work, and ability to adapt has placed him in the enviable position that he is in today. Though his life may be a whirlwind at times, John remains an industry leader as an all-around creative. From collaborating with top brands such as Nike to being one of Pittsburgh’s most decorated products, John is a man on a mission to accomplish greatness on his own terms.

ILS: Outside of being the manager and confidant of Darrelle Revis, who is John Geiger and what are three fun facts about yourself?

Geiger: John Geiger is a person who grew up in the city of Pittsburgh; I made my way to where I am by keeping good relationships with the right people. Three fun facts: my vision for certain things is bit left field, meaning it takes me awhile to post a picture on Instagram because I’m obsessed with angles of pictures. Second, if I pack for three days, I’ll still have enough outfits for ten days. Third, I like to show love to new and upcoming people when I touch down in that city.

ILS: What have you learned since joining Darrelle’s team and taking on those specific duties? Is this something you hope to do for the rest of your life? What doors have been opened because of this alliance/working relationship?

Geiger: I have learned that wearing a suit everyday is not going to get you where you want to be, and I haven’t worn a suit in four years. I wore sandals when Darrelle signed with the Patriots. I have worked with Land Rover, Motorola, Nike, and Google on endorsement deals with him, and to this day, I still talk to those people. I learned that they would rather talk to a visionary “weird kid” and bounce ideas around rather than with an agent. No disrespect to any sports agents, but no one cares to deal with those guys other than getting a team deal done. Something I tell everyone is that Darrelle put me on, and I worked to where I am at now based off of other relationships. I have and will continue to work with athletes on creative management, but not for the rest of my life.

ILS: I’ve always been a fan of twisting brand logos to make something innovative. What was the thought process behind the “Don’t Fake It” jacket, and do you plan on releasing it?

Geiger: [Laughs], this is awesome because I still don’t think it hit people what it was, and I learned that half these people on Instagram or social media stunting are usually broke and just fronting. It’s not supposed to be a diss jacket, but what I’m saying is, don’t fake what you got. Instead of “Just Do It”, I say “Don’t Fake It”. I’m pretty sure I will leave it as a 1 of 1.

ILS: If you knew you were going to become Darrelle’s manager, would you still have gone to school for Criminal Justice? Have you thought about going back to school or taking more business classes to gain more educational specificity towards your work?

Geiger: I actually did know that I was going to work with Darrelle, and at the time it was frowned upon to be a “manager” for an athlete, but now everyone’s got one; we def set the path for that. What I learned from college was real life, and the importance of time management and getting shit done. I went back to see professors a couple weeks ago and one professor told me I wasn’t doing what I should, that it’s not a real job. Meanwhile another professor walks in saying his daughter and son follow me on Instagram, which was pretty funny. That first professor was always simple minded. I will never go back to school, though. To be completely honest, I could never go back to school or ever have a “9 to 5″ after seeing everything that I have.

ILS: Most of the younger generation doesn’t know what you do, but they do see you with every notable sneaker out there. It’s clear that you have recognition towards your influence through your following. Because of all of this, are you ever phased that they only see your material persona and may not know of the work that you put in to reach your current position?

Geiger: Having sneakers isn’t really anything to be noticed about; I had a huge collection before I had real money or a following, and only thing these kids should know is half, or more of, the people on Instagram are a joke. This might sound really crazy, but I’m to the point of being indifferent if people know, because you can always Google it these days. I’m pretty over explaining myself to people who may want to know what’s what.

ILS: What can you tell us about the projects you are working on for the future? What’s going on with the sunglasses line and what ever happened to Jet$et?

Geiger: Real life story: I was starting to be known as the “dude around Revis”, and as my buzz as just an influencer started to take notice in NYC, brands like Nous Sommes became cool because I put those into the hands of dudes like Mac Miler, Big Sean, and so on. I also did a tee collab with a brand in LA but never got paid, but I started becoming pretty well known, and the people around Darrelle told me I shouldn’t be branching off, so I never trademarked anything, and two weeks later Victoria’s Secret bought the rights to the shirt, which was pretty sad. My sunglasses are coming along. It’s long process, and I want to make things right. They wont drop under John Geiger, so a brand name is coming as well.

ILS: We know you have a great relationship with Don C and Just Don, can we expect a collection that’s designed by you in the future?

Geiger: Most likely not, I talked to him today, actually, and they have a Been Trill Don coming, which should be interesting. Me and Revis are opening a store in Pittsburgh that will carry Just Don, for what that’s worth.

ILS: What do you think is most important when it comes to establishing an influential longevity?

Geiger: I have a talent of being able to tell what’s cool and new before it happens, so whatever you’re into, stay learning and don’t be scared to take a chance with different shit, or what other people think is weird.

ILS: What does the future hold for you? Where would you like to see your career path go? What would you like your legend to be?

Geiger: I haven’t gotten that far, right now I’m busy worrying about what I’m going to eat for breakfast tomorrow. I believe that what ever is meant to happen will happen.