A Track-by-Track Conversation With Kevin Abstract About MTV1987

by on July 16, 2014

Yesterday Kevin Abstract, with the help of Alivesinceforever and the duo [PerfectWorm], released his debut album MTV1987. With his fan base craving the project after an innovative promotion campaign, a small tour, and the release of ‘Drugs‘ music video, it was finally time for listeners to thoroughly enjoy MTV1987. Though Kevin just turned 18 today, the young man’s creativity and style is very polished, especially at this point in his young career. His overall prowess for music and unique sound – which is a melting pot inspired by artists such as KiD CuDi, Pharrell, and more – has Kevin and his team looking forward to a very bright future. 


Track 1: ‘Dad’ – Can you explain your relationship with your father and what that intro meant to you?

Kevin: I haven’t seen my dad in about 2 years. We talk every other day though. He’s a great guy and I appreciate him so much. The intro meant a lot to me. I never talk about my dad. Not even with some of my closest friends so it was kind of weird putting that out there. Especially as the very first sound people hear on the album.

Track 2: ‘Save’ – You say ‘I’ve been dead my whole life.” With the release of your album, do you finally feel alive?

Kevin: No. I feel comfortable for the moment. I won’t stay like this though. I don’t feel alive though. Shit is still dark. I’m afraid of dying, especially right now.

Track 3: ‘Hell / Heroina’ – What’s the connection between these two entities?

Kevin: Heroina: Hell on earth. That’s what that is. Kids who get hooked on H literally are putting themselves and others through hell. Shit happens.

Track 4: ’27’ – What’s your connection with this number?

Kevin: I honestly don’t have a connection with the number. I kind of freestyle that chorus and it’s some of the realest stuff I have ever came up with. I am so proud of those lyrics.

Track 5: ‘Drugs’ – This seems to be a favorite of many of your fans. Did you envision it connecting and appealing to your fan base the way it has when you first created the song?

Kevin: I didn’t know it would do as well as it’s doing. It feels right though so I’m not complaining.

Track 6: ‘Mom’ – What did you type at the end of this interlude? Also why did you decide to give such a personal look into your mother’s life and the responsibilities she has?

Kevin: I was sending an iMessage probably, I don’t remember. I’m always on my Macbook. Here’s the thing about me as an artist, I am honest. I don’t mind letting people in, I love the fact that kids are connecting with the album. I really hope it gets some people through some shit.

Track 7: ‘Tame Cab’ – Are you in love? Do you think you will ever be comfortable with yourself to give your significant other all of you?

Kevin: At the moment, yea, I’m in love. It’s awkward though. No, I can never see myself being comfortable with myself. Ever. That’s some shit I can’t even try and think about. F*cks me up.

Track 8: ‘Degas Park’ – This is a such a feel-good song. How much fun was it to record this song?

Kevin: It was great. I got to dance like Michael Jackson while recording. Very fun.

Track 9: ‘Snakes’ – Why is it you proclaim “Whenever you beside me, I feel like dying.”?

Kevin: My love is too good for me. I don’t deserve that person at all & I would rather die than continue to keep the dance going.

Track 10: ‘Rush’ – How were you able to channel such a Pharrell-esque vibe on this track?

Kevin: I think I learned how to ‘sing’ by just mocking Pharrell when I was younger. My mom is a huge fan. I heard a lot of Neptunes during long car rides when I was younger.

Track 11: ‘Camp Green Lake’ – You seem to be yearning for comfort on this track, is Camp Green Lake your refuge from it all?

Kevin: Camp Green Lake is all about acceptance. Accepting the fact that shit is fucked. I have an addiction, my love life is fucked, my priorities are fucked, but I accept that. Move forward.

Track 12: ‘Drug Dealer’ – Why did you decide to end the album this way?

Kevin: I don’t want to give too much away about the skits. But, I will say this is how I wanted the ending of the album to feel. You’re still lost – 12 tracks in. That’s my life.

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Make sure to check out MTV1987 if you haven’t already.