INTERVIEW: Reginae Carter Talks Being A Young Adult and Creating Music For Kids Her Own Age

by on September 3, 2014

Reginae Carter has exponentially graduated since her days in the OMG Girlz. She’s surpassing her tween years, taking a stab at being a solo recording artist and following under her father’s rugged terrain of becoming hip-hip royalty. The Carter name bears prestigious baggage, but it’s insurance for the rising teen star who plans to start her own tour (right after her the Drake vs Lil Wayne Tour is over). While she’s been subjected to a critical eye since birth, Reginae remains unfettered from the microscopic lens and can laugh in the moments of pressure and doubt. ILS got a chance to speak to her about her music, documentary and new business ventures. How did you get involved with HairFinity? I know your mom introduced you to it, but did you approach them like “Hey, this product is great. Let’s work together?”

“My mom started using it and I saw how strong her hair was and I just had to use it. I cant live without it. My hair is strong and healthy and has less breakage. I’ve been using it for a year. After 30 days of using it, I became an ambassador.”

You’ve made a lot of moves in your music career since the OMG Girlz. Your single “Mind Going Crazy” premiered on “Weezy Wednesday.” Tell me about the song.

“I’ve grown up since I was in the OMG Girlz. This is the first time I’ve been a single artist and I can express my personality. My fans have been really supportive. I wanted to make a really fun record that kids can relate to and you can have fun with in the summer. Everyone just loves a fun song.”

What do you gravitate towards? Brand-wise. Are you experimental in your style? or do you like to keep it more casual. I like some of your outfits in the video. Were they ASHISH?

“I wore a lot of Joyrich on set. I don’t wear it that often [in my daily wardrobe], but I have a few pieces that I love. My favorite brands? I’m not a name-brand kind of girl. I love Jordans. I love all type of Jordans. Ive been a real fan of Jordan, but I’ve been slacking lately. The IVs are my favorite. I like Bred 11s and the Concords too. I like wedges too, but not really heels.”

Your Becoming Reginae documentary is about your “journey into becoming a young businesswoman and breaking out into her career,” according to the press release. Tell me about the process of making of that documentary.

“I give a lot of beauty tips and it allows fans to peek into my life. It shows me hanging out with my friends and getting my permit.”

Publicist: “It also shows her creating her music videos, being a young adult and balancing her life.”

Are you planning a tour? Recording more music? Releasing an Album?

“I just wrapped up an EP. I don’t have a date yet, but I will be releasing the date very soon. I have a tour coming up next month called the “Young and Ready” tour. I’ll be doing the malls with DTR, a new boy band.”

This is the first time you’ll be going on tour alone right? 

“I love performing and meeting new people. I just love traveling. Ive always had the personality to be by myself. I like to have the spotlight.”

Who’s producing your album?

“Detail and Kane are producing it.”

Reginae Carter

Whoa! You’re guaranteed to have some crazy hits. How did you approach your EP, content-wise?

“I want to make music related to kids my age. We want to have fun; we get frustrated with our parents. There isn’t a lot of music that kids can relate to. I just speak the truth and I know every kid isn’t in the position I am in, but I want to make it known to kids my age, and remind them, that we are kids and we can speak our minds and they aren’t alone.”

Publicist: “Reginae’s music is targeted towards her demographic. While other musicians are talking about adult-related things, hers is very demo-related and living life. That’s one thing that her music is great for: It’s for teens. She isn’t talking about life0long heart breaks. Shes talking to her fans directly.”

“Can I give a side-note to my fans?”

Of Course.

“I’m a young entrepreneur and a lot of kids want to get to where I am. I want other entrepreneurs to never give up and always have faith.”

Do you have any other projects outside of music and HairFinity coming up?

“I do have a clothing line, but I want to go bigger: shorts, tights, phone cases, glasses. cute stuff for an every-day bases.”