Woosah Wednesdays With OVOXO Yoga

by on October 20, 2014

When Fader posted that there was OVOXO Yoga (OVYOGA) at Y7, a Williamsburg yoga studio, my attendance was imperative. The idea of it all sounds fluffy and cliche, but it’s about as soft as Drake’s “Take Care” album––overlaying vigor with mediated undertones. But this class wasn’t about Drake or OVO at all: it was more about temporality in a digital age.

The yoga studio was something I imagine a womb to feel like: hot, steamy, dark and cozy. I positioned myself in front of the heater, seriously regretting it mid-way through, as my eyelashes were sweating. Taught by Dina, it was mid-level class that allowed room for error. After teaching us a sequence, we were allowed to go through it using our own tempos, concentrating on our breathing and positioning while listening to a playlist of Makonnen, Majid Jordan, the Weeknd, PartyNextDoor and Drake.

The focus in yoga is breathing, like when Drake says “a n*gga gotta woosah,” in the “2 On” remix. You’re encouraged to lie in Child’s Pose and just breathe; but even if you try, it’s absolutely impossible to be completely still. Your heart is pumping blood to every part of your body and even if you can resist the urge to SnapChat, your mind is racing of all the menial tasks you have to do later. Allowing yourself to submit yourself to calmness, is refreshening in the city of hustle.

Aside from the gimmick of OVOXO music, this is a standard yoga class. The songs make you feel comfortable, allowing you to recognize something in hour of  filled with unfamiliar core-centric body movements. And from personal experience, don’t rap along to the songs while in Warrior 3. You’re guaranteed to fall on your face.

Each week Y7 hosts a new theme from YCMBM to Aaliyah. Find out more on the website.

[Video via Y7]